Plastik Koli İmalat San. ve Dış Tic Ltd. Şti.

Company description:

Plastik Koli has been a pioneer in manufacturing high quality Corrugated Polypropylene(PP) Sheet, supplying multitude of industries in all around the world. Our company produces every kind of Box, Layer Pad, Separator Between Pallets, Recycling Bins, Stand for showing the products and Archive boxes in various attractive colors and wide range of available thickness from 2 mm to 10 mm in any size. In addition to this with our high capacity printing machines we are making any kind of Screen Print on these products upon your demand.​ Also our products can be produced as perfectly sealed edges and closed corners to guarantee optimum hygiene depending to your request. Most Common Industries which uses Corrugated Polypropylene Sheet; Bottles & Beverage Industries - (Layer Pads) Graphic & Signs Industries - (PP Sheet) Food, Fruit and Vegetable Industries - (PP Corrugated Box) Advertisement & Introduction Industries - (PP Sheet) White Goods Industry (PP Sheet) Pharmaceutical Industry - (PP Corrugated Boxes and PP separator) Industrial Packaging - (Any Kind of Boxes) Machine & Parts Industries - (PP Corrugated Sheet and Box) Electronic Industry - (PP Box) Recycling Industry - (Recycling Collection Bin) Building & Construction Industries - (PP Corrugated Sheet) Textile - (PP Corrugated Boxes) Steel & Metal Industries (Corrugated - Plastic Rolls) Gardening & Agriculture Industries - (Plastic Box) Stone & Marble - (PP Marble Box) Tote & Stationery - (Plastic Box)

  • Contact details

    Address: Plastik Koli İmalat San. ve Dış Tic Ltd. Şti.
    İstanbul Tuzla Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi P4-5 Parsel Aydınlık SK. 8/A Alt Kat Tuzla
    Istanbul, 34956, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 05398367643

Contact persons

  • Burak UÇAR

    Telefon: +48 +05398367643
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